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Super Junior Releases Their 6th Album "We Have More to Show"
By Park Kyeong-eun king@kyunghyang.com
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Super Junior will release their 6th album, Sexy, Free & Single on July 4. Their title song, "Sexy, Free & Single," a bright song telling the story of a free and sexy single guy, is a typical Super Junior song with an easy and highly addictive chorus. Fans are also looking forward to Super Junior's compact choreography along with their spectacular visual performance. Super Junior demonstrates polished refinement beyond a certain level, but they also have their "typical familiarity."

Their new album has 10 songs from a wide range of genre including electro, hip-hop, rock, and ballads. "From U," a song dedicated to Elf, the official fan club of Super Junior, grabs the listeners' attention, for it describes the relationship between the singers and their fans as one between lovers. Eunhyuk wrote the lyrics to "Gulliver," which tells the story of Super Junior and describes their characteristics. Their fifth album featured a song written by another member, Donghae. Sexy, Free & Single features other songs like a remake of Lee Sang Eun's "Someday," and "Bittersweet," which feature the sweet voices of the members.

Super Junior is probably the K-pop band most widely known overseas. Their well-choreographed performance, in which more than ten of the members go on stage and dance, maximizes the visual effects to grab the audience's attention, and their songs are easy to follow for everyone. That is also why Super Junior is the group with all the typical elements that get fans abroad to rave about K-pop. Their albums have sold more than those of any other idol group in Korea. Since their debut in 2005, their second album, Don't Don (2007) sold over 200,000 copies, their third album, Sorry Sorry (2009) over 300,000 copies, their fourth Bonamana (2010) 400,000 copies, and their fifth Mr. Simple (2011) sold over 500,000 copies. So people are wondering what sales record this sixth album will set.

Super Junior's popularity continues its climb upwards, remaining at the top of the Taiwanese KKBOX chart for 109 consecutive weeks, and filling 110,000 seats at the Tokyo Dome without even an "official" debut in Japan. Reflecting the interest of fans overseas, 20 foreign press members including the Associated Press, Xinhua News Agency, Sankei Sports and more from Japan, Taiwan, China and Kazakhstan were present along with the Korean reporters at the press conference to promote their comeback at a hotel located in southern Seoul on Tuesday. On this occasion, Kangin, who had been away for three years due to military service, was also present.

- I think there is a typical familiarity in the title song, which might be something you will need to overcome.

"I thought we should emphasize the Super Junior touch, which we call "SJ funky" in the title song. But the other songs all have a style of their own." (Eunhyuk)

- What is the secret to your enormous popularity overseas?

"Although we are singers presenting a spectacular performance, I think the fans like us because we try to get close to our fans and show off our sense of humor." (Siwon)

- On the other hand, sometimes it seems like you're not receiving the same treatment at home.

"I think it's because overseas they only see us as singers. Our members are very talented and individual. In Korea, we get to show off our many facades as actors, MCs, DJs, musical stars, and so on. Since the image of each individual member leaves a strong impression, I think the Korean fans don't expect as much from the group, Super Junior. This might be going against our secret to success overseas, but I don't think we are undervalued by the people in Korea. We still have a lot more to show. I dream of our members sweeping all the year-end awards in acting, entertainment and music some day." (Shindong)

- You have been a pioneer for K-pop, advancing into the overseas market early on. Where do you want to go now?

"I would like to have our own performance at New York's Madison Square Garden or the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Right now, the mainstream of pop is in the U.S. We all grew up listening to and inspired by their songs, but now I would like to inspire those in the U.S. market." (Siwon)

- It's been 8 years since you debuted as an idol group.

"Since we have so many members, a lot has happened since then. But the important thing is that we are Super Junior, always standing firm like a sturdy home. We feel a strong sense of responsibility, being almost the oldest idols on the block, with the exception of Shinhwa. Even after our contract expires and we grow old, I would like us to remain as Super Junior. We will probably be a team that will gather to go on a world tour when the time comes, even if we still have our own businesses or run our own restaurants. I would like to remain a singer loved by all generations from young children to those in their 70s." (Leeteuk)

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