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BoA Releases a New Album: "But I Want to Do Romantic Comedy"
By Park Kyung-eun
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The word "idol" as commonly used in Korea may mean a star with big business value--found and trained by a management company, equipped with great dance and song skills and liked and cheered by the general public.

This Korean definition assumes that there is no such thing as the person's own mind or musical achievements. Maybe it is this wide-spread notion that forces singers labeled as "idol" to swallow unfair derogatory comments made on them.

That is why it is worth taking notice of BoA's moves. Two years after her last album, the 26-year-old singer released her 7th regular album on July 25. The most outstanding part of the release is that she presents a title track written by herself this time, 'Only One.'

It is a song geared to the hip-hop genre and comes with dramatic choreography and easy, catchy melody lines.

"I became more conscious, if I should compare it to the previous album experience. I played a judge in the TV audition program K-Pop Star and made comments as the general public watched. Now I have to be judged. I was afraid that people might be criticize me [for not singing with the perfect combination of] 'half air, half sound' (laughs)."

A talented dance singer who made her debut at 14 and had a huge success travelling between Korean and Japan, finally dubbed as the "Star of Asia."

BoA recently showed a new, different aspect to the public as a solid, experienced and skilled artist, as she became one of the judges with Yang Hyun-seok, CEO of YG Entertainment and Park Jin-young, singer and producer. Releasing an album with a self-written title song is quite a smart choice, coming at a time when the public interest in her has been heightened.

However, musically, the album is regrettably cannot be more than a compilation of easy, simple songs worth listening.

But BoA says that she is satisfied with the album because it is what she wants to do and her tastes have completely gone into it. Her energetic dance, shown through the music video, is as good as ever, and the emotions communicated through her vocals have grown deeper.

It also caught the public attention that the music video was directed by her elder brother Kwon Soon-wook. Instead of her usual choice of electronic or dance music, this album mainly presents songs with solid melody.

"Serving as a K-Pop Star's judge, I learned what kind of songs would survive time. Songs with good melody and lyrics will be sought in whatever generation or whatever place. I also thought, good time-honored songs are the ones that offer you great voices before anything, songs that deserve that name. That is why the list of songs I listen these days includes mainly the Beatles, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Queen…, and so on."

BoA also found her way to Hollywood last year. Her debut film, COBU 3D, in which she played a major role, will be released early next year. Accomplished so much but not 30 yet, she said another challenge for her in life will be "acting," when asked the question.

"I will always be with the music for the rest of my life but this film appearance made me think for the first time that acting is an interesting career. I would like to go for a role in Korea, if there is a right opportunity. I did get some scripts but all offered strong, powerful roles like a killer or a she-warrior and nothing really fascinated me. To tell you the truth, I want to do a romantic comedy (laughs)."

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