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Top 7 Bicycle Courses along Small Streams in Seoul
By Jung Yoo-jin
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On July 29, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced top seven bicycle roads along the small streams of river, which citizens can enjoy according to length and difficulty in the summer vacation season.

There are diverse courses to choose from: some are short ones like Seongbukcheon (1.6 miles) and Seongnaecheon (2.5 miles) and some longer, like Anyangcheon (8.1 miles) and Jungnangcheon (13.7 miles).

Seongbukcheon and Seongnaechun are designated as the beginner course: the one offers a narrow and shallow stream in which you can bathe your feet if you want; the other offers a narrow stream lined by many short establishments along the way.

Bicycle roads in Yangjaecheon

Seongbukcheon is the shortest of the seven and there are three fountains that present water fountain shows three times a day (noon, 15:00 and 18:00, one hour duration) near Seongbuk-gu Office, Bomun 4 Bridge and Bomun 1 Bridge.

If you want to bring your children, this is the right course to go, since various events and activities are held every weekend. Unlike nearby streams like Yangjaecheon and Tancheon, Seongnaecheon has a charming and simple flavor.

It is also short, but there are many winding roads and bicycle riders can have quite a lot of fun. You can drop by Hansung Baekje Museum located in the middle of this course.

Bulgwangcheon, Yangjaecheon and Tancheon are designated as the intermediate course. Due to a project for the restoration of ecology, there are abundant aquatic flora and fauna growing wild near Yangjaecheon. The Rice Farming Experience Site here became very famous this spring as a habitat for toads and tadpoles.

Bicycle roads in Bulgwangcheon

Tancheon offers the best environment to ride a bicycle enjoying nature, with its wide stream and a variety of water growing plants. If you go through a stone bridge under Gwangpyeong Bridge, you can go to Garak Agricultural Market.

Anyangcheon and Jungnangcheon are one-hour length intermediate/advanced course. Anyangcheon has an open-air theater to provide different performances of Korean traditional and Western music.

At X-Games site, you can watch wonderful stunts like somersaults on bicycle. Last but not least, Jungnangcheon proudly offers many attractions including Salgoji Bridge and beds of sunflowers and cosmoses.

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