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The Sejong Era: Relocation to the City of Sejong Begins
By Sohn Je-min
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On September 14, departments in the central government began relocating to Sejong City. The relocation began after 10 years since Roh Moo-hyun, the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party at the time promised a new administrative capital to relieve the overpopulation in the Seoul metropolitan area and to promote balanced regional development in September 2002.

Six offices in the Prime Minister's Office loaded their property onto 40 moving trucks on the evening of September 14, and the trucks left the Central Government Complex in Sejong-no, Seoul and headed for the city of Sejong.

On the night of September 14, the day the relocation of central government offices to Sejong began, loaded cargo trucks leave a second building of the Central Government Complex in Sejong-no, Seoul. Kim Young-min

The first departments that launched the relocation were the Executive Office of Saemangeum Development Planning, the Executive Office of Development & Settlement of Sejong-city, the Bureau for USFK Base Relocation, the Office of Intellectual Property, Strategy, and Planning (Presidential Council on Intellectual Property), the Director General for Civil Service Discipline and Investigation, and the Secretariat for Administration, all consisting of over 120 staff.

They will begin their official duties after a formal ceremony celebrating their relocation at 9a.m. on September 17 in the auditorium on the first floor of the government complex in Sejong.

The remaining offices in the Prime Minister's Office will relocate from mid November until mid December, and Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik will move to his new office and official residence in mid December when the relocation of the office is complete.

The Prime Minister will reside in his official residence in Sejong and will visit Seoul to attend Cabinet meetings and to appear before parliament. The current residence in Samcheong-dong Seoul will be used as a state guesthouse.

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